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FCC's Bible Verse Wallpaper

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    The stock photos that are on this page are free for your use on Christian and Family non-commercial websites. You may enlarge them, shrink them, cut them up for pieces, add effects to them, add text to them and do just about anything thing that you want to them, for use in your projects. 
    We would also appreciate it if you would add a link back to our site if you use any of the stock photos. The link can be anywhere on your site. Check back from time to time as I hope to add to these pages throughout the year. 


Download the photos you want to use to your site. 
They are free but we do retain the copyright to all photos. 

Do not offer the photos for download on your site.
You may not offer these photos for sale.
Only use them on christian or family non-commercial sites.

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All photos ©Free Christian

Let there be light...As the deer pants...The Lord will give...Go into all the world...When pride comes....
Out of Zion...Though he slay me...Arise, shine...The heavens are telling....You are a new creature...
Bring your full tithe...Blessed be God...I am praying to you...Light shines on the godly...
There are four things which are little upon the earth...It is better to live alone...God is so glorious...Purify me from my sins...Any one who is welcoming you is welcoming me...

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